Award Winning Technology Influencer and Speaker

Dr. Jenine Beekhuyzen, Creator of the Tech Girls Are Superheroes campaign, is a futurist with international recognition for her advocacy and leadership, her research, and her university teaching  through which she has impacted tens of thousands of students over the past 15 years. She is committed to creating a workforce capable of building the technology of the future. 

 She is mobilising a tribe of next generation leaders who are committed to solving real world problems with technology. 
In the past four years at the helm of the Tech Girls Movement, she has engaged 1650 school girls in STEM entrepreneurship, matched with 400+ mentors who have volunteered 5000+ hours of their time. She has also distributed 72 000+ free books to Australian schools.

Dr. Beekhuyzen is the Founder & CEO of the Tech Girls Movement and the CEO of Adroit Research.

The Tech Girls Movement will engage 10 000 Australian and New Zealand school girls in STEM entrepreneurship by 2020. 
Our outreach program is about young people solving young people’s problems. We support girls to have technical, business and commercial success; and inspire them on a pathway to a potential STEM career. Our successful program builds entrepreneurial interest and, subsequently, the skills of Australia’s future workforce.